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If you’re following, you’re not in first place.
Bid creatively and aggressively for the top spots.
To grow, don’t follow the leader. 

Search engine marketing (SEM) is the use of paid ads on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo to reach new customers or build a lead list. The biggest benefit of SEM is that you reach them at the exact moment they are searching for your service. It has also been called pay per click advertising, paid advertising, search marketing and PPC for short.


Pay per click advertising; as the name might imply, allows you to only pay for the clicks your ad generates. With the proper analytics and strategy, SEM can be incredibly beneficial. After all, the data doesn’t lie and ROI can be calculated to the nearest cent.


PPC is simple, but not easy.Hiring someone unskilled in the craft can be VERY costly. You cant just get a college student to enter in data and then watch the account. Great PPC takes effort, and excellent PPC takes strategy, a in-depth understanding of the various platforms, a grasp on the knowledge of rules, regulations and guidelines, and some creativity. That said, it’s important to identify a data driven, trustworthy team either in-house or contracted. Also, take caution when people start promising the world and don’t take time to explain the data.

keyword selection 99%
campaign creation 99%
bidding strategy 99%
reporting 99%

17Arguably the most important part of search engine marketing, keyword selection can make or break an entire PPC strategy. The wrong keywords can cost thousands in wasted ad clicks and the right keywords can drive thousands in additional revenue. The importance of researching and understanding buying patterns related to industry specific, niche keywords cannot be overstated. Seek to understand WHY certain search phrases are used and how they relate to your business.

Launching a Google AdWords campaign is kind of like making a monetary investment. Some campaigns are built to go for conservative, safer and more long term investments. Others, are designed to spurt quick growth in a customer base or product line sales. It’s important to research thoroughly so your PPC strategy aligns with your current goals.

Client-Logo-07Bidding strategies must be tailored to your specific goals and the type of campaign you’re planning to launch. You can determine which strategy is best for you by analyzing which networks meet your needs and if you want to focus on clicks, impressions, conversions or views. Bidding can be set to automatic or adjusted manually if you want to have more control.

Client-Logo-07Performance data relating to your campaigns can be found by customizing the tables in your Google Adwords account. You can export the data manually or schedule it to export and be emailed to you at various time intervals. This in useful for tracking campaign progress.

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